Deb Embury

I loved my stay at MediLodge. The physical therapy people really know their jobs. They were very friendly and helpful to me. The physical therapy is aimed at your problem, not applying one thing that everybody is scheduled to do. You can also go and work out on your own time. Occupational therapy is fun too. You do so many things without repeating the same thing over and over. They are kind and friendly when you meet them for your appointment. They work on things that are going to improve yourself. The nurses and the aides are totally there for you too. Your medication was always on time. They take the time to listen to your problems, and they get you to your appointments on time. Dietary was great too. They double-check always to make sure the meals were hot and on time. They asked you what you would like to eat at your meals. Another place I loved was activities. They put out a calendar every month with what’s happening in their section. They have bingo a couple of days a week. Even if you don’t know how to play or have disabilities, they have a helper for you. They have outings like to the library. All kinds of stuff happening to get you involved.

With all of these things combined, it really did help me on my road to recovery.
Thank you Medilodge of Marshall!

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